Gun Country, Michael Murphy

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*interacts with people*

*has to take a four hour nap*

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The countries of Europe (inspired by x)

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Doctor Who Intro’s - 1963 - 2014

It’s like a time capsule, you look back at different era’s in Doctor Who’s history & it’s really quite beautiful. Same tune, different graphics. Same Doctor, different face. Same screwdriver, different case. Same Tardis, different interior.

*Also I know there’s a few missing but since tumblr only allows for pic/ gif sets to have up to 10 I had to make a couple of cut backs.*

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My lady, has no one told you? Lannisters lie.

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when ahs quotes become relevant again

when ahs quotes become relevant again

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Breakfast around the world

I want to eat them all.

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"Soy omnívoro de sentimientos, de seres, de libros, de acontecimientos y batallas. Me comería toda la tierra. Me bebería todo el mar."

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